Hey Blue Lion Family, 


I hope you’re having a great start to the new year! I wanted to send a short and sweet note of important reminders for your salon. 


  1. Trash - please PLEASE do not put your suite trash in any common area trash can. If your housekeeper hasn’t been able to take it out for you on a trash run, then you must take it to the appropriate dumpster yourself. 

  2. Dishes - if you use a dish, please wash the dish :). 

  3. Respect thy neighbor - please be mindful of noise levels and music in your suite. If you tend to be louder, please close your door. We do ask that if you have a neighbor that is being noisy, notify your manager by text or call and they will address it. This isn’t to encourage snitching, it’s to keep a peaceful environment. Sometimes a simple request from a neighbor can turn into an uncomfortable altercation so we see happy to mediate. 

  4. Temperature - most of our salons have large central units that control multiple suites. It’s impossible to make everyone perfectly happy because everyone has their own idea of the perfect temperature. We always do our best to find the happy medium and we ask that you be understanding that it may be a little warmer or cooler than you would personally prefer. 

  5. Guests - most of our lobbies have at least been partially opened again. Please make sure that your guest’s children are not unattended in the common areas. This also means the member’s lounge. 

  6. Spa - the spa is a quite zone. Please don’t use the cozy spa lobbies as a break room :). 

  7. Laundry - please use a magnet so it’s easier to identify which suite the laundry belongs to. Please be mindful of timing when you put your laundry in so that you can keep things moving. The housekeepers are happy to fold towels and bring them to you when they are able to, but you are responsible for your laundry. 

  8. Masks - do I need to say it? Please please continue to wear masks in the common areas and make sure your guests know it’s a requirement as they book their appointments. 

  9. Kindness - last and certainly not least, please show your housekeepers respect and kindness. They all work SO hard to serve you and your guests. Unfortunately it can be a job that gets overlooked and the “thank you” can dwindle down over time. If you are a mom or have a mom, think about how difficult it is cleaning up after a house full of people who simply expect it. (I’m fully taking about myself here). I LOVE taking care of my family but when my kids (ahem...and Steven) leave messes behind simply because they’re in the habit of me cleaning up, it sucks. When they leave messes and show gratitude, I’m happy to serve them. 


I kept it under 10 points, does that count as short and sweet?? Lol


You know we love you and are so thankful that you have chosen Blue Lion - WE WORK FOR YOU ♥️. Thank you for your cooperation in making our salons THE BEST




Heather Suchma

Blue Lion Salon Studios Founder & President