Licenses Required
Class A Barber/Barber Technician License + Mini Barber Shop License
Body Wraps
No licenses requried
Cosmetology Operator License + Mini Salon License
Esthetician / Manicurist
Esthetician / Manicurist License + Mini Salon License
Hair Braiding
No Licenses Required if there is no use of chemicals or adhesives
Hair Weaving / Wig Specialist
Weaving or braiding that includes the use of chemicals or adhesives requires a Hair Weaving Specialty License + Mini Salon License
Must have one of the following: Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Eyelash Extension Specialist, Esthetician/Manicurist (combination license; a manicurist cannot perform eyelash extensions), Cosmetology Instructor or Esthetician Instructor. + Mini Salon License
No licenses required
Make Up Application
No license required
Massage Therapy
MT License through TDLR, No Massage Establishment License if only 1 MT works within the suite
Med Spas
Licenses vary depending on services offered. Please consult the Texas Medical Board &/or TDLR for specifics to your business.
Microblading / Permanent Makeup
Licensed through Dept. of State Health Services (No Mini Salon License Required)
Spray Tanning
No licenses required
Teeth Whitening
No licenses required
No licenses required
Ultrasonic Cavitation
No licenses required
Cosmetology operator license + Mini Salon License
Yoni Steaming
No licenses required

Disclaimer: This information is being provided for reference purposes only. Blue Lion does not guarantee that this is an all inclusive list of salon services or licenses needed. Each Salon Professional is independently responsible to verify they are in possession of the required licenses. License requirements are subject to change.