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30-Day Proverbs - Day 1-13


The first chapter of Proverbs clearly states that one must avoid the temptations put forth by sinful men. They will try to entice the weak and it is critical to never give into their temptations regardless of how good the promises sound. The goal of such men is to take those who are good and outright plunder them.


If you strive after wisdom and listen to words of wisdom, and seek it like gold and silver, then you'll develop the fear of God. God, says the speaker, is the one who dispenses wisdom—storing it up for good people, and helping guide the righteous and just.


Proverbs 3 is a father's speech to his son. He tells him to follow in his ways, trust in God, pursue Wisdom, and treat others properly. He also tells him not to envy the lawless because God gives them what they deserve.


The key theme is balance, moderation, wholesomeness and having a clear conscience. The book of Proverbs Chapter 4 proposes that wisdom is life itself and should be treated as such. When treated as sacred it will make our lives sacred and secure.


Proverbs 5 is a father’s lecture to his son. The father warns his son about the dangers of the “strange woman” (probably another man’s wife), and, on the flip side, encourages him to enjoy his own wife. The lecture ends with a statement about the wicked: they will die for their sins.


The themes are fairly simple: love wisdom and seek it with all your heart; be righteous and wise; and don't be wicked or foolish or lazy or a contentious wife or an adulteress (there are long passages in chapters 5 and 7 relating to this subject).


Clearly this chapter is about God's Wisdom for right living. The example of the naive young man who is lured into bed by a wayward/brash/loud/rebellious and “persuasive” married woman of “fair speech” is a warning against immorality and adultery.


Wisdom and Knowledge

This is what Proverbs is all about: puttin' that "wis" with the "dom." It's all about wisdom, knowledge, and understanding—and it all begins with fearing God.


Wisdom and folly are personified and the intended audience is admonished to choose wisdom over folly. The author's intention is to urge people to enter into this way of wise living.


A wise son makes a glad father. Love covers all offences. With many words, sin is not lacking. The righteous will never be uprooted.


Chapter 11 of Proverbs continues to delineate the contrast between righteousness and lawlessness. God, in His wonderful grace, uses every opportunity to warn the young and inexperienced of the dangers and sorrows of rebelling against His Word. He puts before them the physical and spiritual blessings to be found in obedience to wisdom and truth.


No one finds security by wickedness. Those who work the land have food. Rash words pierce like a sword. Righteousness leads to life.


The righteous hate lies. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Whoever heeds reproof is honoured. Whoever spares the rod hates his son.

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